Dedicated Servers

        We pride ourselves on our reputation as a trusted and high-performance Dedicated Server provider Our dedicated server solutions will offer anyone a streamlined upgrade path from a VPS, and as always at Crucial we utilise only the highest grade of infrastructure; guaranteeing performance and reliability. We can tailor a package to suit any price-point or hardware specification. From hosting high traffic websites to advanced load-balanced clusters, choosing a Dedicated Server from Crucial is the best choice you’ll make.

    Why choose Dedicated Server hosting with Crucial Cloud Hosting? :-

       Dedicated servers are the best way for you to get the highest quality of hosting in a situation where your enterprise or website has ongoing, intensive resource needs. A ted web server is the ultimate technological resource for your enterprise: Providing you with dedicated server hosting that is fully under your control. A dedicated physical server can provide you with whatever services you may need, such as a hosted file storage and service.

         Of course, the perks of a dedicated server can also be simulated by using virtual server technology at a much lower price point. However, many companies prefer the total control and high-end performance that dedicated servers hosting provides exclusively. If you already have a mature IT organisation but do not wish to devote extra internal resources to server management, this may be the right plan for you. Such a server is also helpful for multinational firms..

    Dedicated Servers, the best bet for your business :-

           If you own a mid-sized or large business that provides you with the budget for the best IT resources, you may wish to consider dedicated servers,as your next major technology investment. Dedicated physical servers represent a “top of the line” solution that can be provided with customised capabilities. When you select a dedicated machine such as this, you have complete leverage in how it is used. No other enterprises or users are located on the same server, even in terms of “virtual server space.” Security and flexibility are maximised.

           While many businesses can do extremely well with virtual servers, there are some enterprises that simply must have dedicated physical server space. At Crucial Cloud Hosting, we work hard to offer the best 24-hour customer service and technical support for our dedicated server customers. You are assigned help on a priority basis and are guaranteed to enjoy 99.9% uptime. The security, reliability, and quality infrastructure you access with a dedicated physical device are the absolute best. This will put you leagues ahead of the competition!