e-Banking System

Core Banking Solution :

       Banking business has evolved over a period and grown exponentially encompassing an entire gamut of products and transactions under a wide umbrella. All such activities undertaken by a bank is called Core Banking. "Centralized Online Real-time Exchange". This basically means that all the bank's branches access applications from centralized datacenters. This means that the deposits made are reflected immediately on the bank's servers and the customer can withdraw the deposited money from any of the bank's branches throughout the world. These applications now also have the capability to address the needs of corporate customers, providing a comprehensive banking solution.

       Beyond the financial drivers, IT globalization, increasing compliance and industry consolidation, are some of the other key motivators for opting to core banking system. Banks are shifting from cost reduction to growth. Industry consolidation, increased customer demands and pressure of data management has led banks to feel increasingly limited by the capabilities of their present systems.

       Our CBS are banking applications on a platform enabling a phased, strategic approach that lets people improve operations, reduce costs, and prepare for growth. Implementing a modular, component-based enterprise solution ensures strong integration with your existing technologies. An overall service-oriented-architecture (SOA) helps banks reduce the risk that can result from multiple data entries and out-of-date information, increase management approval, and avoid the potential disruption to business caused by replacing entire systems.

E-Banker Main Modules :

- Data Center Module
- Branch Module
- Head Office Module
- Customer Information File
- Online General Ledger
- Deposits and Loans, including Loan Syndication
- Management Information System
- Trade Finance
- Fixed Asset and Inventory Management
- Utility Bill Payment
- Collection and Clearing

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Commercial Banking :

       Commercial banking is seeing varied levels of impact in different parts of the world as fallout of the global crisis that dealt a blow to all financial markets. While region specific strategies will emerge, the growth is expected to come from increasing scale and expanding the activities and the business lines. To align to these changes, flexible IT systems and robust processes need to be put in place. IT portfolio rationalization will be needed even as investments will need to be stepped up. Ensemble Solution offers IT consulting and lifecycle services to help achieve your IT objectives.

       At Ensemble Solution, over a decade now, we have been augmenting commercial banks through our various services offerings. We have built expertise and domain knowledge gained thorough consulting and automating business processes of our customers, which has benefited them in following areas in commercial banking space:

- Corporate Acquisition
- Credit Appraisal, Project Financing & Management
- Credit Scoring Model
- Loan Portfolio Management
- Delinquency Management
- Document Management & Client Reporting Tool
- Cash Management
- Corporate Treasury Management
- Margin & Limits Management
- Customer Information Management
- Risk & Compliance
- Reporting

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Co-operative Banking :

       In co-operative banking, increasingly managing risk is becoming the main priority. Achieving this, at the same time as increasing market share, optimizing costs and improving customer service requires a constant effort towards reengineering processes and using agile technology. Our solutions can help create the right impact on your customers, stakeholders and competitors.

       At Ensemble Solution, we have been driving IT strategy of scores of small to medium banks. Our services have been a key component in increasing our clients' market share by enabling them to m ake quick, informed & effective decisions, improve operational efficiency through unified view across the organization and customer satisfaction index through combination of innovative products introduction and service through multiple delivery channels.

- Customer Information Management
- Current Account & Savings Accounts
- Deposits & Funds
- co-operative Lending
- Branch Tellers
- Bank assurance
- Wealth Management
- Clearing & Reconciliation
- Risk & Compliance & Reporting

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Microfinance & Financial Inclusion :

       Microfinance industry, globally, is experiencing major growth fuelled by recognition of the need for financial inclusion of larger populations in most countries. This objective requires quick implementation of services delivery network, establishment of strong business processes & workflow and above all, building of controls & compliance across growing enterprises.

       Ensemble Solution, for over a decade now, has been a leader in technology solutions for community banking segment, transforming the business size of enterprises it serves and delivering large scale end-customer satisfaction. We have built deep understanding of grass root level consumer needs and MFI organizational drivers. With our experience, we can help you achieve your mass-scale financial inclusion objectives on a technology platform.

       Ensemble Solution's E-banker is a robust & scalable platform that helps to automate all business processes of your organization on a single technology backbone, thereby helping you to plan your business growth at lower investments, enhance customer reach multi-fold in a secure manner and keep track of the profitability and compliance & reporting.

- Lending Management
- Deposits Products
- Accounting
- Mobile Banking
- Investor Reporting
- Multi -channel Delivery
- Customer Information Management
- Reporting

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